Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Farmer Boy...

M's a farmer - like the rest of his family and the generations before him, they have only known tilling land.

He said he was fortunate that he finished high school - but really, "ang plano lang talaga ng magulang ko ay magsaka ako hanggang sa mag-asawa at magpamilya na" M narrated.

Kaya lang naman ako nakapunta sa Maynila eh dahil sumama ako sa kaibigan ko - tumakas na lang ako kasi hindi naman papayag sila Nanay. Pero okay na kami ngayon, limang taon na din e. M continued.

I never doubted that he was.

His skin was sun kissed and tortured.

His palms were rough - like they've known hard labor forever.

And he had scars all over - from small cuts to deep ones.

When we were naked in bed, I started to trace my fingers from the scars in his hands, then to his arms, and then down to his chest.

Ang pangit, ang dami kong peklat. M

I just smiled.

Bawat isa nito, alam kong may kwento. ME

M just smiled but his eyes said otherwise.


I lived a secure life - no, we are not rich, but I did not have to do hard labor.

When I look at M, clothes and all, I could only see the sparkle and wander in his eyes and the light that his smile brings me...

A far cry from what his scars are trying to say.


Gusto kong malaman and bawat kwento ng isa. I said to M

Hindi magaganda, ikaw din. M said jokingly.

Wala naman kwentong-peklat na maganda e. I said

Hahaha - bago yun a: kwentong peklat. M said - and his face lit up again and seeing him, mine did too.

M has a hard exterior through and through but I know he is the gentlest of souls.

And again, for the first time, I wanted to care for someone.

Hindi na importante yung kwento, ang importante, lahat ng sugat na 'to ay naging daan pra sa sandaling ito - kasama ka. M

I wanted to comment on how good he is with weaving words pero I hesitated - I wanted to savor what he just said.

I touched the scar in his hand again and moved it to my lips.


Here's to those little moments that we live for.


  1. Ang sarap mag-mahal ano? At the killer line for me in this post (parati kang may killer line eh) was this: "And again, for the first time, I wanted to care for someone."

    If that's not love, I don't know what is.

    1. Masarap! Hehehe. It's the anticipation of hurt that ruins it most of the time...

  2. don't have any words... just smiles. :)

  3. I couldn't help notice you changed your description!

    Full time 'something else'.

    I suppose we can always redefine who we are. Cheers to that Kaloy =) And to your farmer boy.


    1. Yeah K, that was instigated by you and citybuoy way back - the change of self-definition. Hehe.

      Ang dynamic lang natin kasi. :)

    2. Wow! May honorable mention! haha

  4. k. edi ikaw na maganda!

    HAHAHAHA jok lang :D

    congrats te! lumalove-life ka na! hihi :D

    1. nyahahaha!


      lumave-life ka na din!

  5. yes, savor the moment, taste the happiness, live in the present...i'm happy for you anf for M.

    1. salamat po!

      yes, let's savor it for things are gone too soon...