Monday, March 12, 2012


Gusto mo ba? It was some stranger.

I just stared. Then I was tempted.


So I finally moved to a 6-storey apartment building and the flat is on the 5th floor. Occupants are mostly families, there's a minimum association due for common area maintenance, a computer shop and receiving area is comfortably located in the mezzanine, and there are no elevators. I'm behind a church and a hospital, near a 7-11 and two major malls and railway systems. So far so good.

Namahay ata ako on the first few nights, and since I took up smoking again, I chimney-ed to my heart's content. There was no smoking on the floors and I didn't want to stench the apartment so I decided to go down. 

I sat on a plant box in front of the building. There were three boys sitting on the sidewalk across me - they were taking pictures of themselves from a cellphone. Two were about 5' and the other about 2 inches taller. They were wearing shorts and polo shirts. The taller one was wearing a baseball cap backwards - he was the cutest. Pero hanggang dun lang ako - appreciation. Hehe.

After a while they moved in front of a sari-sari store that's just a little farther from where I was sitting. One of them started teaching the other some dance steps. Ako, natuwa lang kasi ang lanky ng frames nila and they just looked wobbly while "dancing." Everything seemed legitimate naman: boys hanging out with friends ganyan. At least that was the original thought.

Then they decided to move again and walked pass me.

Gusto mo ba? One of the smaller boys muttered. He's one of the shorter ones - chinito-ish. He was not looking at me - he just kinda slipped the words conveniently while walking past me. I almost choked on my smoke.

The boys then went to a vending machine and stayed there while finishing off a shared cup of coffee. At this point I was staring at them - more like trying to catch eye-contact: I was making sure I was getting the right signals. And turns out, I was.

When they passed by me again I offered my cigarettes. One of the cuter boys obliged - si BJ. BJ introduced me to Bunso (not so cute) and Eli (the cutest with the backwards cap).

Non-stop yosi sir a. BJ said. 

Ah - oo, di ako makatulog e. ME

Taga dyan po kau sa building? BJ asked. He was the more talkative.

OO, kakalipat. Kayo? ME

Taga dyan po sa kabilang kanto. BJ

Eh anong ginagawa niyo dito? ME

Galing po kami dota jan sa may shop kanina sa taas 'tos tambay lang. BJ

Wala ba kayo pasok bukas? ME

Meron po pero okay lang. BJ answered as he smiled

Ilan taon na kayo? ME

Ako po 16, si Bunso 15 'tos si Eli 17 na. BJ

I knew it. It's like Recto all over. ME thought.

Ano po pala number niyo? BJ broke the silence.

Bakit mo naman tinatanong? ME

Para po tex-tex tayo. Jamming ganyan. Pero oks lang naman po kung ayaw niyo ibigay. BJ smiled and I saw he had perfect teeth.

I gave my number.

Si BJ phowz itow sir... Save nyo phowz no khow. BJ texted immediately (Note: If I posted the original text,  I think it would mean differently. I toned down the jejemon bit and just posted what I think he meant in the most basic jejemon style I know.)

Saved. Ano ibig mong sabihin kanina nung sinbi mong "gusto mo ba?" ME texted back.

Eeeee..... Kkhya phow sir - prng d nmn kc kayow gnuwn. BJ texted.

Hehe. Ano nga un? ME

S*x sir... Nkkhya po... Hehehehe. BJ

Pwede kayo? ME probing.

Opowh sir. Pro 1st tym k lng. BJ

I would've have wanted to illicit more answers but it was starting to turn me on and its not a good thing for ME. I want to - I was tempted to invite them for beer and a game of cards but my wiser self got the better of me. I admit, I hate it sometimes that I go all moral and nice. I wish I could just drop all concepts of right and wrong and for once adhere to pleasure as the only religion.

Sige, tulog na ako. Tex-tex na lang BJ. ME finally said to the group and they said goodnight too.

I opened my door, entered and then locked it form the inside.

Welcome to your neighborhood. ME said to myself with a little chuckle of amusement.

Sir, tapsi tayohw? It was a text from BJ and I got reaffirmed of what these kinds of boys want. I wanted to pity them but at the back of my mind, I know I contribute to whatever perception or mindset they have. The fact that I entertained them and tolerated whatever they were doing means I cannot be a hypocrite.

Di na ako pwede BJ, maaga pa work bukas. ME

Ah -ok sir. Bukas phowz pdi kyow? BJ

Tex kta kung pwede. ME

Mbaet aqoh sir bsta mbaet di kayowh skn... Bsta sir 1st tym ko kya sarapn nyo phowz a... Hehe. BJ

I didn't reply. And in the next few days BJ would consistently text after he finishes school in the morning and Eli would text too offering 700 for the two of them (YES, its that casual).

Naisip ko tuloy, am I such a magnet for barely legal twinks?  Hindi naman ako mukhang Kuya Germs pero lately, its the kids that ask me out for dates or otherwise offers something-something else. Andun na ba ako sa daddy ang peg? I'm used to be the passive-immature partner with HE that just says yes. I don't think I can handle being the driver... I'm very much tempted though with fresh meat.