Thursday, July 7, 2011


ME found HE's porn stash.

So with the new cabinets, I started arranging our books.

HE gets the blue shelves and ME got the red.

But halfway through HE's stuff, and nestled behind his Rosales Saga collection are DVDs marked X1- 12. How obvious can the labels get di ba?

I tried one and lo and behold: an array of chinitos in the slimiest orgy ever!

I was turned on and I just had to pull one off... That's ME being male...

And about a milisecond after the release, ME thought: Hala! Why is HE hiding this?

I mean, I watch porn even when HE's around and HE very well knows where my porn folder is. So that pretty much tells HIM that i'm good with porn and its not that big a deal.

Isa pa, bakit naman siya mahihya pa sa akin - I practically brush my teeth while HE takes a dump - that's how comfortable we are.

I guess there are just some things we still want to keep for ourselves so I refuse to overthink this.

I returned the DVDs and the books and will just ask HE to arrange the books to his shelf on HIS own...



  1. i didn't want to show my collection to the Kid because it's boring. and he likes lesbian porn.


  2. Try mo mag-quote ng dialog from the porn while you do it. Tignan natin kung paano siya matitiwang. lol

  3. k engel: ahahaha - when you say boring you mean what (or how)? hehehe

    k citybuoy: walang quotable-quote dun - puro ungol lng... hehehe

  4. eto ko natatawa pagkatapos malungkot sa july 25 post mo haha

  5. k sir mots: score! made you laugh! :)