Monday, June 6, 2011


Last Sunday, I was watching HE cook sopas...

Out of nowhere I blurted - I Love You.

HE heard it.

HE then asked me why I love him...

I told him 'just because you're you...'

HE smiled.

And when HE smiles, its like that Indian head bobble that doesn't really give you a definitive YES or NO but an 'Im-Not-Sure-How-To-React-On-Your-Answer' vibe...

So I came up with a list on why I love HIM.

Here goes...

Wait, if you're not into the cheesy stuff, just click the X button - you know where it is.

So, here goes...

And apologies for posting something that's valentines-ish in June.

So, again, here goes:

I Love YOU...

Because you make me sing
Because you pretend to like my singing
Because you kiss ME on the lips in the morning (kahit wala pang toothbrush)
Because you cook the best rice cooker-cooked sopas in the world
Because you hand wash my underwear when you do yours (which I never do)
Because your korny and its funny that your korny
Because you say NO to my face when you don't want something (except my singing)
Because you know when not to argue with me
Because you get my moods
Because your a great father to the twins
Because you never spoke ill of SHE
Because you make me eat ampalya and okra (ang konyo - tae)
Because you don't snore
Because you know not to disturb me when i'm reading
Because i'm not shy to watch porn around you


So far that's my list for the week (and its only Monday - hahahaha).

And i'm keeping my list and will update it when HE does something that makes ME love HE more...

And perhaps, when things are not so good with US, i'll just reread the list and be reminded that more than the disagreements and certain incompatibilities - there are a lot more to love about HIM...

Sarap magmahal.



  1. yiiiiiiiiiiiii.

    pwede na for greenwich tvc's. :P

    welcome back!!!

  2. kangkarot ka.

    that is all.


  3. hooong sweet naman!

    infairness ito lang ang poem na nagpangiti sa akin at nagpakilig sa akin habang binabasa ko..


  4. k engel: hehehehe... oo nga - ako si john lloyd! tapos si HE yung tattooed guy... hehehe...

    k eternal: pelikula un db? sandli go-ggogle ako... hehehe... thanks for the read. :) sabay lunok... hehehe

    k shenanigans: scorpio ka malamang dahil kinilg ka - hehehe...

  5. focusing on the good stuff. that's good.

    ang tagal mong nawala kaloy.

  6. k nishiboy: oo nga e - almost a month din... work stuff - you know how it is... hehehe... but i never missed out on the updates... you and your free-for-all questions, the comfort s*x and oh - i think i know one of your exes... hihihihihi... you gotta love elbi networking. wink!

  7. True, this reminds me of those cheesy greenwich commercials. :) But yes, let loose the cottage goat blue mozarella cheesiness!

  8. k Spiral Prince: sobrang cheesy nga noh? inlababu e - pasensya... hehehe. thanks for the read. :)

  9. wow! how'd you know? uu scorpio ako! freaky huh'...

  10. k shenanigans: i should know - i'm a scorpio too... hehehe. here's to being vulnerable!