Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Of Meeting M's Friends...

WE met with M's friends.

One them was treating dinner and they were eating at a place nearby - M said I should come.

I was beyond tired that day and I had to return my student's exams the next day - not to mention I had to prepare for a new lesson. M knows this.

But, its not everyday that I get to be with M's friends, so I went.

I waited for them for 2 hours. I didn't mind the waiting - sanay ako maghintay, lalo na sa mga tao.

Then on to dinner - yes, the friend did treat everyone.


M's friends are complete opposite of mine. They, I thought to myself, can never be in the same room.

After dinner, humirit 'yung isang kaibigan nila na pa-inom naman daw ako. 

I smiled and looked at M - he said nothing.

We walked aimlessly around the mall and finally humirit ulit: Hindi ba talaga iinom?

Sure, sige, san tayo? ME said finally.

I ended up leading them to a bar and ordering for everyone.

They did have fun.

And by default, I settled the bill.

Sa isip ko, sana nag-dinner na lang ako mag-isa. Hehe.

WE have gone out multiple times with my set of friends - never was M obliged to pay for everyone. And it was never really in our nature as friends to make hirit to the GFs and BFs of the others.

Don't get me wrong, I would have happily settled the bill IF there was no pretext at the start that I was paying for it.


I struggle convincing myself that it's just the way they are and that just because they are different from my friends means they are any more or  less than mine.

Hindi naman sila ka-relasyon ko, 'di ba?

I was just a bit disappointed with M - he knows very well that I came from a tiring day and have classes the next. My goal was just really to get some dinner - and dinner with them sounded like a good idea.

And I was expecting M would be the one to refuse his friends for ME because I could not do it without looking like a prune.

So what's my point? May masulat lang.