Monday, July 23, 2012

Of Trying

I tried. I honestly did. ME

Oo, pero if it was real, you didn't even have to try in the first place.  O7


O7-000001 (07) finally graduated last April. 

And being their class instructor for recruitment, I was the go-to for interview tips and getting-employed tactics. 07 was the first to ask for a dummy interview.

Puntahan na lang kita sir. Nakakahiya naman sa'yo. o7

You know my availability, after work or Sundays. ME

Bukas ng gabi na lang sir, sa susunod na araw na interview e. At alam ko - SM North tayo. 07

Haha. ME

Yeah, I'm hands-on with my students (no pun intended). Especially with their course, mentoring and coaching is essential.  


First I did was check the resume. Fresh grad - 'nuff said.  

Then the mock interview. Yadah-yadah...

So Mr. 07, do you have any questions. ME

How did I fair sir? 07

I was not impressed. Although, you could try applying again after 6 months. ME (being the employer)

07 looked at me, grinned, leaned over and gave the softest kiss.

Not even now? 07

I shook my head.

07 let out a chuckle and he leaned in for a second kiss. Still soft but it lingered that I had to close my eyes.

Ano manager na ba? 07

Haha. Mga balak mo talaga. ME

Then one kiss lead to another then the next thing you know we were ready for round four. 

Spell tig-ang: M-E

07 was not a pleaser but he prolonged everything that it made ME feel like he genuinely wanted it to last. At bolero pa rin kahit sa kama.

He's the smoothest so far. Gawd. Just gawd. He's the type of guy that you'd c*m just looking at him.


We did the usual stuff: dinner/movie dates and Sundays at home cooking. It was a comfortable set-up. 

But 07 is not HE. Plain and simple. I look at him and he's not...

07 deserves a better reason which I cannot give. I just needed a right-now guy. Bad ME - akala mo naman kung sinong anak ng Diyos. 

I could have prolonged it - God knows I'm a great actor. But,  it would be unfair - although 07 was (I think) more than willing to, I would just end up forcing him to be like HE. 

And 07 was right - if there was something, I need not try.


But we remain friends. I am hoping and praying its with benefits. LOL!