Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Just Random Things...

I think I have imbibed the eternally scorned writer too much that its hard to write anything when all is more than fantastic.


M and I have reached an equilibrium (at last) the highlight of our relationship so far are petty quarrels on late texts and me travelling too much for work. Other than that, M is as sweet as ever - no flowers though but he did give me a new umbrella to replace my old one just because I'm getting dark (from field work) and rain is coming too. He has (at last again) come accustomed to my cooking (and frying).

On the downside, M is obsessed with a palm reader's prediction that I'll eventually find another guy and he's going to end up with a foreigner. Its cute. And I told him not to pay attention to it too much kasi sabi ni Zenaida - "ang mga bituin ay gabay lamang, meron tayong free will - gamitin ito." We had a good laugh. But I sense M still thinks about it a lot - I'm not bothered though, not yet.


I'm excited to hit school again and meet my new kids - revamping my syllabus to include Slam Poetry. Yey!


And oh - thinking of investing on a high rise unit. Random, gut-feel, decision - I hope it doesn't turn out like any of my previous random gut-feel decisions with HE. LOL.

Speaking of HE, there was an attempt to get us all together (HE, SHE, ME, M and J) to which SHE and ME relied: "Tanga ka ba?"


There, writer's block has never been so positive. LOL!

Here's to random things!