Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Wala si HE for Father's Day.

So, to get me out of the insanity of alone-ness I decided to do some carpentry.

Very butch of ME.

Besides, I really needed to organize my school stuff. My exam keys are with attendance sheets and course outlines and some literary porn...


Hindi naman ako nag-ilusyon ng malaki - I just got a DIY shelf kit from Landmark. They offered to put it together there pero sabi ko kaya ko na. It looked easy kasi - I mean how hard can it be to screw eight screws in two wooden planks?

I soon found out it was 'dang HARD!

First, I did an audit on the materials - kompleto naman lahat.
And yes, that's how hairy my legs are. Hehehe
Next, screw the screws.
HE took his tool kit with him so I was left to use a  pair of scissors.
I swear HIS tool kit is more important to him than his phone.
Feeling ko nga kung masusunugan kami (knock on wood), ito ang una niyang ilalabas ng bahay.

Yan yung almost finished product. You see the screws?
They're not entirely dug as they're supposed to because the scissors
I used were not really meant for screwing. It was so frustrating! 

Dahil sobrang nakaka-inis na hindi ko ma-DO-IT-YOURSELF yung pesteng book shelves, I actually went out and looked for a karpentero sa mga kapitbahay. Unluckily, wala akong nahanap - asa ako di ba?

So what I did is I hailed a cab and went back to Landmark so they could do the DIY for themselves.

Yan na - hahahaha. Since andun na din ako, binili ko na din yung red.
Natatawa na alng sa akin yung nag-assist.

LESSON: I know very well that i'm not the handyman guy so i'll not attempt it next time. Hahaha.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Relationship with TWO Fathers

HE, ME and the twins did an early Father's Day last Sunday.

We watched Kung Fu Panda 2.

It was a riot - I laughed harder and louder than the twins did (especially on that dragon/caterpillar bit).

It was the first outing we had - the four of us.

Remember this The BIRTHDAY Clause... ? Well this includes all other Holidays that involves the customary in-laws participation.

So they're doing Father's Day on Sunday together with the in-laws so we did it in advance.

I put on my tito hat for the twins. They're just adorable - my hands are up for SHE for doing a great job with them. Polite and really witty - alam nilang makisama.


WE have the twins for Sunday. HE

Bakit? ME

A little excitement won't hurt. HE

Che! You know what I mean. ME

Advance Happy Father's Day natin. HE

NATIN, I like how that sound. ME

And SHE's doing it with Chris and the his kid too. HE

Wow - so its serious with Chris? ME

Everything's serious when it comes to SHE naman. HE

I pretended not to hear.

So what do we do on Sunday? ME

Movie - the twins want to see the panda movie. HE

Its Kung Fu Panda. You liked the first one kaya - you were laughing when we watched it here sa bahay. ME

You know me and my memory... HE giggling.

Che. Movie then it is. ME saying a lot of 'ches' lately.


And oh, on the second Father, my Dad's been with the babae since last month and not of his choosing.

My Mama's done with him and she looks great!

I love my dad - he is what he is. But we all have to move on and if he doesn't see our value as a family then he can look for his own values instead.

He'll always be our dad - that's clear.


Last month,my dad's older brother charged to our house and said bad things about my ate.

She accused her of spending the money he gave our dad in her wedding. That ticked my Mama off since all the expenses were paid for by my kuya - the before-groom.

And three points:

1. If he gave the money to my dad already, what does he care on the use of it? It was given right?
2. Its not like we're random people - for Christ's sake, pamangkin niya kami! Eh ano naman kung gamitin namin yung pera?
3. The money was, for all we know, gambled-away by my dad already.

My sister was distressed because of the event and she's pregnant. So we decided, we're through - we can't keep on being our dad's excuse to his brother or his life. We hope we can be the reason for his life but not an excuse.

And with our tito, come to think of it, he never really gave anything to us - it was always for my dad. And we appreciate the fact that he looks out for our dad and cares for him. I just hope he dies before my dad because if my dad dies first, no one will bury my tito. Ang sama ng iniisip ko pero I can't help it.

Hindi ako nalulungkot, nasasayangan lang ako kasi in the eyes of my dad's clan - we are his achievements. Now what does he have? A mistress half his age with an illegitimate kid? An older brother that sustains him? A job he is miserably failing at? Gusto kong maawa pero ginusto niya e. He should fight for us and genuinely change - we can't cover-up for him every time and put on a happy family portrait. As my ate said, nakakapagod na palang magpanggap. 

I just needed to say that.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Last Sunday, I was watching HE cook sopas...

Out of nowhere I blurted - I Love You.

HE heard it.

HE then asked me why I love him...

I told him 'just because you're you...'

HE smiled.

And when HE smiles, its like that Indian head bobble that doesn't really give you a definitive YES or NO but an 'Im-Not-Sure-How-To-React-On-Your-Answer' vibe...

So I came up with a list on why I love HIM.

Here goes...

Wait, if you're not into the cheesy stuff, just click the X button - you know where it is.

So, here goes...

And apologies for posting something that's valentines-ish in June.

So, again, here goes:

I Love YOU...

Because you make me sing
Because you pretend to like my singing
Because you kiss ME on the lips in the morning (kahit wala pang toothbrush)
Because you cook the best rice cooker-cooked sopas in the world
Because you hand wash my underwear when you do yours (which I never do)
Because your korny and its funny that your korny
Because you say NO to my face when you don't want something (except my singing)
Because you know when not to argue with me
Because you get my moods
Because your a great father to the twins
Because you never spoke ill of SHE
Because you make me eat ampalya and okra (ang konyo - tae)
Because you don't snore
Because you know not to disturb me when i'm reading
Because i'm not shy to watch porn around you


So far that's my list for the week (and its only Monday - hahahaha).

And i'm keeping my list and will update it when HE does something that makes ME love HE more...

And perhaps, when things are not so good with US, i'll just reread the list and be reminded that more than the disagreements and certain incompatibilities - there are a lot more to love about HIM...

Sarap magmahal.